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What Car Would Santa Drive?

What if Santa couldn't find his sleigh? And OK, what if he also developed a sudden fear of flying? Staying home isn't really an option, at least not this time of year. So how would our favorite red-pajama-clad geriatric deliver the goods? 

Naturally, he'd have to drive, which would briefly make him the world's most important car shopper -- because it's not like he already has one in the garage. But what car? If Mr. Claus could only pick one new ride, what would it be?


What about the Seat Leon Sport Tourer?

The first-ever estate version of the popular Leon, the Leon ST launched last year alongside the updated SC sports coupe version.

Longer and with more interior space than its smaller counterpart, SEAT promises that the ST has the best mix of good looks, practicality and performance all wrapped in one neat little package. Whether or not it comes with a bow on top is as yet unconfirmed.

Standard features include full LED headlights, perfect for seeing through fog when even Rudolf’s nose can’t cut it, plus optional roof rails for extra present storage space.


The Porsche 911 Turbo S?

Ho ho ho-ly cow, this is one high-performance sleigh we’d love to take a ride in! 

The Porsche 911 Turbo is probably one of the most unlikely candidates when it comes to a car for Santa, but think about what Saint Nick really needs. Speed is obviously one of the most important things; he does have to get around the entire world in one night, after all. Fuel efficiency is probably also important, as Santa no doubt has enough financial difficulties after having to manufacture toys for every kid on earth.

Likewise, a GPS or sat-nav is handy so he knows where he’s going, and of course a decent sized boot is preferable to hold all those gifts.

Enter the new Porsche 911 Turbo S, officially the fastest 911 on earth and now even faster courtesy of new variable-turbine turbochargers. Fast enough to zip to 62mph in 2.9 seconds, if you wanted to go any faster you’d be looking at rocket sleds!


The Volkswagen Touareg?

For one vehicle that does it all, it's hard to beat the diesel-powered Touareg TDI. It shares its platform with the Porsche Cayenne, so you know the dynamics and general robustness are beyond reproach. It has ample ride height and suspension travel for off-roading, yet it's a high-speed champ on the freeway. Its massive 406 lb-ft of torque piles on around 2,000 rpm, making it a great choice for hauling, say, a really heavy red bag. And on those long rural stretches without many filling stations, the Touareg's 29-miles-per-gallon highway rating and 750-mile driving range would keep Santa's anxiety at bay. 



The Jeep Wrangler?

Think first about how Santa's going to get out of the North Pole. No magic, remember, and no airplanes or helicopters, either. An excellent snow vehicle would make this leg a lot easier, and we can't think of a better choice than the off-road-ready Wrangler.

It comes straight from the factory with the hardware to dominate any terrain, and with the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 aboard, it can actually make some time on smoother surfaces, too -- albeit with more than its fair share of wind and road noise. Why the long-wheelbase Unlimited? Hey, have you seen how big that sack of presents is?


Or how about the Tesla Model X?


Santa is known for living in communion with nature in Lapland, he might want a vehicle that doesn’t emit carbon dioxide. The elves and the reindeer are sensitive creatures, you know? While there are a few all-electric options out there, very few are also fast and have good mileage on top of being green. The Tesla Model S is the first that comes to mind, but since the sedan doesn’t offer much space, the new Model X SUV is the better proposition here. This way Santa will still have plenty of room for presents while traveling the world without harming the environment. Also, because it doesn’t have a conventional engine, the Model X will allow Santa to sneak unnoticed into everyone’s driveway!



posted by: Charly Fowles 22 December 2016