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Volkswagens Electric Future

With the Volkswagen scandal last year many manufacturers have been forced to change their future plans. Renault is now thinking of removing diesels engines from its future models with talks of Peugeot following suit. Volkswagen itself is investing more time into the future of electric vehicles.

Volkswagen recently announced that it would soon be releasing a 250-mile zero-emission family size electric car.

The Paris motor show at the end of the month will witness the reveal of VWs ‘Think New’ concept with previews of family friendly electric cars due for production in 2019. Jurgen Stackmann, the Volkswagen sales and marketing chief stated

“At Paris, we will open up a new chapter for the brand. This car doesn’t mean the end of the Golf – that has a strong future – but we will be focusing on leveraging technology and the change in the company to open a new chapter”

One year after the VW scandal where they admitted to cheating through the emissions test to get cars on the roads, VW is fighting to change its image to one of the future instead of being labelled as a scam. It now plans to be the global leader of electric cars selling up to 3 million electric vehicles a year by 2025, and as written in a previous blog with the electric infrastructure improving this could all tie in very nicely together for VW.

Codenamed MEB many of these new electric models will be designed so they can run down the same line as existing models such as the Golf. The battery will sit low between the axles to drop the center of gravity. Christian Senger the leading electric project promised the design would increase space for the driver and passengers.

“To increase battery space, increase the wheelbase and shorten the overhangs: this creates more rear legroom, more space in the front and gives our designers complete freedom.”

Not only is Volkswagen envisioning the future with the release of zero-emission affordable cars, it also wants to work on connecting its 40 million VW owners. By building a connected community, customers could receive accurate real-time traffic information and hazards experienced by other cars down the connected chain.

Senger envisions the new electric Volkswagens will be online 24/7 with the potential to contribute to society with information such as free parking spaces.

With the average person spending 4.8 years of their life driving it is understandable why self-driving cars are catching people’s interest and VW is definitely looking to jump on the train and join the race to produce one of their own.

All of these changes and different potentials add up to their ‘Think New’ image which they are working around the clock to create after their diesdelgate. If everything pulls through smoothly this could completely change the future of the German giant.


posted by: Abigail Lavallin 20 September 2016