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Transformers Have Arrived

July 2007 the first Transformers movie was released making £8,718,561 in the UK box office on opening day. Since then nerds around the world have been dreaming about the day a Transformer would be designed so they could witness real robots fighting like Optimus kicking the crap out of Megatron.

Well now thanks to a Turkish company called Letvision the first transformer has come to life.

Last week the company released a video of their prototype called Letrons which can transform all by itself and can drive with a remote control when it is in the BMW vehicle mode. It may not be as quick moving and fierce as the movies make them but it is a fabulous start.

The prototype Letrons is based on a bright red BMW 3 Series coupe. Numerous videos were realised on YouTube of the car slowly rolling out of a parking lot then transforming into a standing transformer, currently only the head moves from side to side and the arms flex with flashing lights but give it a few more years and I’m sure this machine will be able to perform much more.

The company Letvision plans on designing various different transformers based on different BMW models creating a group of life-sized toys with names such as Argon, Wolfram and Tantal. There is no knowing how much these toys will cost but it will definitely leave your pockets a little lighter.

You can view more about the new Letron here.

posted by: Abigail Lavallin 22 September 2016