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The Beautiful Beast, The Land Rover Discovery Sport

What ever a person needs, the Land Rover Discovery Sport can provide. From adventuring off-road and through rivers to smoothly weaving through city traffic with the family, the Discovery Sport is a hole in one on the road and off, leaving other SUV rivals floundering in its path.

Unlike many other full SUVs the Land Rover Discovery Sport offers full seven-seats compared to the BMW X5 and the pricier Range Rover Sport which claim seven seats but only children can fit in the third row.

Best full-size SUV

Despite holding some of the features seen in previous Discovery models this new Land Rover is still top of its class. New, younger rivals keep popping up but the Discovery still stands strong as the best full-size SUV, reigning above them.

Take it off the main roads and onto the rough and rugged back roads the Discovery shows its true skills. With its single 3.0 litre V6 twin-turbo diesel engine and a 252bhp the Discovery has no problem roaring up steep mountains or making its way down a dried up riverbed. Increase the air-suspension, switch to off-road mode, turn the terrain response system to the relevant conditions and the 4WD will stop at nothing in its path. For off-tarmac adventures there are extra gadgets such as the wade sensing checks which lets you know the depth of the water you are in, along with surround cameras which show four different angles around the car. Your nerve will go way before the Discovery gives up with its centre and rear drift locks and low range gears, as well as the hi-tech electronics designed to stop at nothing.

Being fantastic off-road it still performs to a high standard on the tarmac which is where the majority of people will be driving it. Going 0-60mph in just 8.8 seconds with the typical eight-speed auto the car’s on road performance also rivals its competitors.

The car has a feeling of class as well as power, up marketing its competitor the Toyota Land Cruiser. They have the finest quality raised seats and gadgets set in a first-class dashboard to help the driver on the road and off. Built in technology like the park distance control and the rear view cameras help with tight parking and the blind spot monitoring and sensing detect surrounding vehicles making it safer to change lanes and overtake. 

After driving this sexy SUV around for a few days I definitely feel like I am noticed on the roads, with the high hood, large headlights and blacked out tires everyone looks and notices when I drive past. The most efficient Sport has a 148bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine which is also the cheapest but clearly I opted for the 178bhp version for more power. Automatic start and stop helps to reduce the CO2 emissions and save fuel at traffic lights or when queuing in evening traffic. 


If you are looking for a big powerful sexy car this is the car for you.  



posted by: Abigail Lavallin 14 July 2016