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S Class Facelift

New Features on S-Class


New Steering Wheel

  • New multi-function steering wheel with touch control
  • Cruise control stalk replaced with functions on steering wheel


Hermes communications module

  • S-Class (222) FL is the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle to come with the Hardware for Enhanced Remote Mobility & Emergency Services (HERMES) module
  • This replaces the COM module used in previous S-Class variants
  • The hardware offers the same technical capability as the current E-Class (213) hardware



Digital vehicle key in smartphone

  • Introduced to S-Class (222) FL following introduction in the E-Class (213)
  • Provides an additional option for locking/unlocking the vehicle and obtaining drive authorisation
  • The smartphone and electronic key can be used independently of each other






Engine M176 Overview

8-cylinder V-engine with 90˚ cylinder bank angle

  • Lightweight design
  • Optimised control drive with integrated coolant pump
  • 4-valve technology with camshaft adjustment
  • Cycling shutoff with “Camtronic” to reduce consumption in partial-load range
  • Aluminium crankcase with “Nanoslide” TWAS coating
  • Spray-guided gasoline direct injection with piezo technology
  • Twin turbocharging with chargers positioned in the “hot inside V”
  • Compliance with EURO 6 emissions standard


New 48V on-board electrical system

  • Provides four times the voltage compared to a 12V on-board electrical system.
  • This provides four times the power at the same current.
  • This will be available on S-Class FL with M256 engine and Integrated Starter Generator from September 2017 production.
  • Detailed explanations will be available in WIS release 07/2017.
  • No additional qualifications are necessary to carry out work on the 48V on-board electrical system because the system is not a High-Voltage system, as on the hybrid.
  • In future Mercedes-Benz models, the 48V on-board electrical system will provide a modern and efficient electrical power supply to reduce fuel consumption.


Customer Information

  • Owner’s manual found in the vehicle
  • Service booklet contains information about Roadside Assistance and warranty services
  • Digital operator’s manual is available in the “Vehicle” menu of the vehicle Head Unit
  • “Mercedes-Benz Guide” app is available for iOS and Android smartphones
  • Interactive Owner’s Manual is available on the Mercedes-Benz homepage







posted by: charly 15 May 2017