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Optional Extras and what you Should Consider First

So you go online and you find this amazing lease deal, you cannot believe how good it is. You’ve been clicking through the system and finally reach the check out only to find the price has gone up by £100 a month, what happened?? Well those optional extras you wanted all add up, so which ones are worth the extra money?

Everybody wants a car that they can comfortably afford with some extra features to enhance their driving experience. If you are signing a long term contract you want to make sure you get the best deal you can within your monthly budget.


Optional extras worth having

Metallic Paint - it is common knowledge that cars with metallic paint lose their value at a much slower rate, generally because people much prefer the appearance. Funnily enough that is a big reason why you should consider it; purely for aesthetically pleasing purposes. The paint offers no driving benefit and it won’t increase the driving style of the car, however it looks fantastic and can actually increase the value of the vehicle.

Air Conditioning – this is a feature most people cannot live without; it does now come as a standard in the majority of models however some still require it as an extra. Despite entering into the winter months you will definitely need some AC blowing as soon as the temperature starts to rise again.

Parking Sensors – if you live in a city or town environments then these are a must. As your car increases in size the need for parking sensors increases so if you plan on renting a family sized vehicle then I highly recommend this extra. You may be thinking ‘ but I am a great driver I don’t need that’ but even the best drivers sometimes get distracted and make mistakes so the beeping of a parking sensor can be a lot cheaper in the long run than paying to repair a dented bumper.


Optional extras if you have left over cash in your budget

Bluetooth – this technology won’t take up any space on your dashboard and is very useful if you are a business person who needs continuous access to your mobile device. I would consider this a modern essential for hands-free driving, enabling you to answer calls without taking your eyes off of the road.

Built-in Satnav – Satnavs have been in a rather negative light since the release of smartphone satnav systems, however I am not convinced that smartphones provide a superior substitute. Smartphone screens are small so it can be hard to look at directions and concentrate on driving at the same time; they can also be unreliable when it comes to data usage and battery life. If you are wanting a Satnav system then I would recommend having the latest most up to date built in Satnav system, bearing in mind that stand alone ones can often cause unwanted break-ins to the vehicle.

Cruise Control –Cruise control can definitely take away some strain when travelling long distances but there is always the worry that the driver will lose concentration and not take over control when a change occur. However on longer journeys then this could be very useful, especially with numerous average speed checks located around the UK.

posted by: Abigail Lavallin 24 October 2016