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New Technology - Dash Cameras

You are driving down the motorway and a car cuts you off, hitting your headlight smashing it to pieces, denting your front bumper and scratching all the paint work. But the driver who did it says it is your fault.

Incidents like this occur on a day to day basis around the country leaving you with no choice but to go plead innocence to your insurance company and hope they believe your story more than the other drivers.

Step in the dash cam.

This technology has been protecting good drivers in Russia for years but now it is starting to make its way over to the UK, protecting the driver’s reputations and insurance policies.

With over 90% of car accidents being caused by human error this new technology can help you battle insurance companies with evidence instead of just pleading your way to innocence. But the camera isn’t just used for catching accidents.

Cameras can be found just about anywhere these days so it makes sense for one to be in your car to record all of the unbelievably stupid acts or spectacle views of the sun setting over the mountain ranges ahead of you.

That incredibly rare and beautiful masterpiece that was driving in front of you on your way home, recorded. The person who just committed an illegal U-turn or the person texting and driving, captured. Or in the case of some lucky drivers, a meteor falling through the sky in Russia.

So why should you invest in these dash cams? I have come up with the top four reasons why using a dash cam could benefit you and why they have hit it big in the Russian market already.

Driving Accidents

Nothing is worse than being involved in a car accident. The initial panic is did someone get hurt? If all involved are safe then the blame game starts on who caused the accident. “You sped up!” “You were texting.” “I’m calling my lawyer!”

To avoid all of this nonsense you could simply install a dash cam and have it recording 24/7. This can prevent any post-accident headaches by providing solid evidence of what really happened.

Parking Accidents

One of the most dangerous places for your car is the parking garage or being parked on the road side. Cars parked next to you may scratch your car when pulling out or knock you when driving past, most of the time these sorts of accidents involve hit and runs where the damager doesn’t stop to write down their information.

When you leave your car unattended you have no idea what can happen to it. Dash cams can be left on all the time because a majority of them are battery operated.

Insurance Fraud

My worst fear is getting into an accident with a pedestrian, nothing could be worse. But believe it or not there are some people who try to purposely get hit. They run into oncoming traffic or stick their foot under a moving car risking a few broken bones for a massive insurance settlement. If you don’t have any evidence they did it to themselves you may end up with a huge increase in your insurance, however if you have a dash cam installed you can prove that they ran into your car or something similar.

Capturing the Unexpected

If you do decide to purchase a dash cam it may be worth having it running 24/7. The main motive being for your safety and insurance protection but you could also be lucky enough to capture something amazing. The picture below captured the Chelyabinsk meteor crashing through our atmosphere in Russia.

posted by: Abigail Lavallin 29 September 2016