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New car? Road trip!

Stuck on what to do with your new car this summer bank holiday? Go on a road trip!

So as we all know, the English weather in summer is not always reliable. Summer officially started this year on the 21st of July, since then we have had a rough average of 41mm of precipitation across 14 days (focused on London) which means you’ve probably been caught in some rain already, but we have had temperatures as high as 35 degrees! Raise your hand if you’re anything like me and went back to work after that lovely hot weekend as red as a lobster!

However, even if the weather isn’t great you’ll stay dry in a car, so why not go on a road trip?! Whether you plan where to go or you just drive and end up somewhere, either way here are some tips for your road trip.


  1. Chargers!

Obviously the most important things, Phone, Sat Nav and Camera chargers.. Just make sure you have all the right leads.

  1. The food

Don’t forget to pack a picnic, it could just be a sandwich or it could be a whole 3 course meal. Whatever you do, don’t forget the food!

  1. The music

Decide who is in charge of the Radio/CD/Aux. You could even meet up a day or two before you go and make a playlist of music you all agree on. You should make 1 person in charge of the playlist, you’ll all be spending a long time together in a small space, the last thing you want to be doing is arguing over Barbie Girl.

  1. Don’t forget the camera

...and make sure you have extra batteries.

  1. Stop for chips

If you don’t go to the seaside for a portion of chips, are you even real?

  1. ..and ice cream

The same goes for the ice cream, there’s an ice cream stall every 10 steps at most English sea sides, it would be rude not to stop at a few of them..

  1. Grab a map

If you didn’t bring one with you anyway, pick yourselves one up and take a hike, you will see some amazing views you wouldn’t in the car.

  1. Find yourself a pub

Preferably a small village pub, one with lots of character. Start a conversation with some of the locals. Remember if you’re taking it in turns to do the driving, you should all stick to a non alcoholic drinks!

  1. Get lost

If you started this road trip with no particular destination in mind you’ve probably already done this, but if you know where you’re heading to, take a wrong turn somewhere and take a scenic route.. Get lost and don’t worry, it will be beautiful.

  1. Have a sing along

..and it has to be to cheesy songs! If it’s not cheesy it doesn’t count.

  1. Visit Cadbury World

Because who doesn’t love chocolate?!

  1. England’s best burger and chips

ShortList have a post about the best burgers in the UK, but go on a hunt and see for yourselves!

  1. Stop for a Sunday roast

It could be ‘pub grub’ or a 5 star restaurant, whatever the case you need a roast!

  1. Cool off

Stop for a short break and relax, whether you’ve found a stream or you’re at the beach, dip your toes in the water and chill.

  1. Go for a ride

Ditch the car for a little while! Cambridge have an open top tour bus so why not go for a ride and see how beautiful the city is. Or go punting down the river.. In fact, do both!

  1. Sugar top up

Whilst you’re in Cambridge stop in Hardy’s sweet shop! You’ll be spoilt for choice!

  1. Street performers

Stop and enjoy the music or show! There’s always something going on on the streets of Cambridge. If you enjoy what you see, don’t forget to show your appreciation with some change!

  1. Prepare for traffic

You know full well you’ll get stuck in queues.. If you have an electric car, make sure you’re fully charged before leaving and check for charging points. If you’re just fuel, make sure you’re fully topped up!

  1. Take loooooooads of pictures

..of everything.

  1. Watch the sunset

Before heading back home, watch the sunset. Set up camp in the boot if the car is big enough. Get cosy and enjoy.

(Pictures source picjumbo)

posted by: Charly Fowles 15 August 2016