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Mitsubishi Shogun Barbarian

If you are looking for an off road adventure look no further. Presenting the Mitsubishi Shogun Barbarian, fantastic value for money, supreme lugging and pulling capabilities and relentless in a wild rugged environment.

The SWD comes in two forms, the standard five-speed manual or a five-speed automatic. It has four-wheel drive like most off roaders but unlike other vehicles in its class it can also stay in four-wheel drive on normal tarmac surfaces.


There is no doubt with the Shogun Barbarians off-roading potential, just the name suggests a rugged car ready to take on anything in its path.

Compared to the likes of the Land Rover Discovery some may think the Shogun won’t even compare, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The 3.2L diesel engine provides a massive amount of pulling potential, capable of hauling 3,500kgs which is 700kgs greater than the more expensive Toyota Land Cruiser.

The low-range settings and lock differentials makes slippery and loose back roads no problem for the 20-inch gloss-black alloy wheels found on the short-wheelbase. In the Mitsubishi range the Barbarian sits above the Shogun Warrior, it is exceptionally well built and feels muscular inside and out.

Inside the swb barbarian there is more than enough space for the two front seat passengers but it will be a bit of a squeeze for the rear seat passengers, may be more suited to children. The leather seat interior and all round visibility make the inside stylish and simple, with a sensibly grouped together control system and Garmin navigation system. The high seating position makes you feel rather noticeable and bold on the road with 197bhp and 0-60mph in 9.7 seconds.


The Mitsubishi Shogun Barbarian may not be the leader in its class of off-roaders but compared to the Range Rover that starts at £70k, the Shogun is significantly cheaper for a relatively similar car. There is a mountain of fun to be had in this car with unlimited off-roading potential; this car is ready for any type of action.


posted by: Abigail Lavallin 05 August 2016