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McLaren P14 Supercar

McLaren P14 Supercar will make its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor show in March. It is the new replacement for the 650S with a 3.8-litre V8 engine.

The British manufacturer is commitment to launch a new model every year, including hybrid models so it looks like the P14 will fill the quota for 2017.

The car was spotted last week by YouTube user Petrol Ped. Despite being covered in camouflage, the new P14 body design was clearly influenced by the P1 hypercar however the headlights seem to be a more traditional style fitted with ultra-powerful LEDs.



The output power is expected to exceed that of the 650S peaking at 660bhp which would match the Ferrari 488 GTB, its closest rival, but not top McLaren’s Super Series range such as the 675LT. In order to beat Ferrari, McLaren will need to ensure the P14 can reach 62mph in less than 3 seconds from standing, with a top speed of 205mph.

It has still not been confirmed if the P14 will have the linked hydraulic suspension system of the MP4-12C and the 650S but it is likely to have a set of switchable Comfort, Sport or Track suspension options.

The P14, without a doubt a McLaren engineering looks to be the next big step for the company when it comes to design. Leading the way for the next batch of models. The director Frank Stephenson has already stated that the new P14 will be “even crazier” than the P1 hypercar.

A convertible model will also be available, similar to the 650S Spider with a hard-top folding roof. Prices for the P14 are predicted to exceed those of the 650S which currently costs £198,000 in coupé form and £215,250 as a convertible.


posted by: Abigail Lavallin 13 February 2017