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(Originally published by Motor-Vision)


We all know and love BMW’s M range of cars whether it’s the rather new M2 or the cult classic E30! They are fun to drive, have a lot of badge prestige and are very popular. Many ‘M’ models have been created in BMW’s history, but what about the ideas that never made it past the concept stage? Let’s take a look at some of our favourite BMW ‘M’ Cars that just didn’t make the cut!

BMW M3 Pickup – 1986

1986 BMW M3 Pickup

The rather strange M3 Pickup served the BMW ‘M’ Division’s base in Garching for 26 years and was used to move various different types of heavy equipment around the site.

1986 BMW M3 Pickup

Underneath the bonnet was the Italian-spec M3 engine which was a 2L variant with 190bhp. Apart from this Pickup, a few aftermarket companies built similar vehicles for use in Greece due to a tax loophole!

BMW M3 Compact – 1996

1996 BMW M3 Compact

It’s fair to say that BMW were wey ahead of their time with the M3 Compact concept which could now be seen to be the ever-loved 1 Series M coupe of today.

1996 BMW M3 Compact

Two versions of the M3 Compact were built one had a 282bhp, 3L engine and other other had a whopping 317bhp, 3.2L engine!

BMW M3 Touring – 2000

2000 BMW M3 Touring

In 2000, the BMW M3 Touring concept was built to demonstrate what was possible with technology at the time, although BMW never had any intent for it to be more than a concept!

2000 BMW M3 Touring

We would love to see BMW create a fast estate with the prestigious M badge status some time soon.

BMW M3 Pickup MK2 – 2011

2011 BMW M3 Pickup MK2

When BMW first unveiled the M3 Pickup Mk2 on April Fool’s Day in 2011, many people thought that this was a joke.

2011 BMW M3 Pickup MK2

Of course they were right in saying that the car would never be produced but when you look under the bonnet, BMW weren’t entirely joking. A 4-litre V8 which produces 414bhp and during Nürburgring tests, BMW said that the vehicle reached 186mph!

posted by: Charly Fowles 11 February 2017

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