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We all have a dream car right? From Aston Martin to Bentley everyone has a prestige motor that they can see themselves in after a Lotto win. These types of cars are influenced by speed, design and luxury, not to mention Formula One, big egos and our favourite movies. Unfortunately most of our dream cars are right out of budget. However, car leasing does make the dream seem a bit more realistic and you can find some great leasing offers by enquiring on favourite makes from Audi to Mercedes by giving us a call on 0345 643 5687 or submitting your details via our website. By paying a monthly rental and choosing your initial payment, you’ll find it far easier to drive around in a brand new top make than saving up thousands to own one. For some people, dream cars are not about luxury and cost but style and practicality. We always have access to the most attractive leasing offers on the market from Ford to Volkswagen; we will find the right car for you.

We also all remember the excitement of getting the keys to our first vehicle. For most of us this would have been second hand with a few bits falling off, but whether it was a second hand present or a hard earned run around we never forget the first. If you’re looking for a first car, leasing is a great option to consider. We have plenty of affordable hatchbacks and choice to get you started on the road. Enquire on the type of vehicle you would like and our sales team will do the rest. We will submit your details for finance and if approved, we will order and deliver your first car to you.

To find out more about future dream cars and memories of first vehicles we asked fellow colleagues of BestCarFinder and some employees of Alliance Asset Management Group (our parent company) to tell us what they would most like to be racing around in, what they currently drive and their very firsts:


Name: Mandy

Age: 51

Job Title: Sales Executive

First Car: Ford Escort Mark1, with no power steering

Current Car: Ssangyong Tivoli ELX, my mini Evoque, love it

Dream Car: Audi A4 Cabriolet, love soft top cars



Name: Julie

Age: 35

Job Title: Sales Administrator

First Car: Peugeot 205 XS, bad point had a manual choke, good point loved it ;o)

Current Car: Ford Fiesta, bad point not fast enough, good point great on petrol

Dream Car: Porsche Cayenne 4x4, looks great, family sized but good fun



Name: Charly

Age: 25

Job Title: Sales Administrator

First Car: VW Polo, Good points: Nice small car so it's easier to park! It's good on fuel. Not too bad on the eyes! Bad points: It's broken...

Current Car: Same as above

Dream Car: Chevrolet Camaro 2014, because it's bumblebee, duh! Or a Ford Mustang GT because it's just a beautiful beast.



Name: Phil

Age: 53

Job Title: Senior Rental Executive

First Car: Mark 1 Ford Escort 1.3, It was my first car - everything was good - Really liked the John Wolf Race Alloy wheels. Compared to today's cars - Everything bad - but back in the late 70's was the car of the time, no luxuries such as electric windows, central locking, air con, ABS etc etc, this car had a choke to start it!!!

Current Car: Ssangyong Korando Sport 4x4 Pick Up Double Cab

Dream Car: Ford Ranger 4x4 Double Cab Pick Up Truck, Suits my lifestyle, lovely to drive, looks good, very smooth and great build quality and excellent level of equipment.



Name: Julie

Age: 43

Job Title: Operations Executive

First Car: Ford Escort - Good Point was the colour - the bad was it was never guaranteed to start on a cold morning.

Current Car: Ford Fiesta - Good Point is that it is small and easy to park - the bad point is that my son now shares it with me.

Dream Car: My dream car would be a Range Rover Evoque, the reason is that I fell in love with them when I attended the Company Car in Action.



Name: Hayley

Age: 30

Job Title: Operations Manager

First Car: Vauxhall Nova - Cheap as chips , nothing bad

Current Car: Ford Fiesta - Good on fuel - poor acceleration

Dream Car: Ford Thunderbird - So I can drive off into the sunset



Name: Gary

Age: 31

Job Title: Sales Director


Current Car: MERCEDES C350e LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!




Name: John

Age: 51

Job Title: Sales Director

First Car: 1976 "R" Reg Austin Allegro , Good points ( It was my first car, overnight I gained my independence. The rust holes in the doors also afforded me great ventilation. The hydrolastic suspension had leaked on the drivers side - this meant it cornered like it was on rails on a right hand bend. However left hand bends were a white knuckle ride.   BAD Points - I didn’t realise but the head gasket was leaking which lead to some performance issues.

Current Car: Currently driving a Mercedes E220d Cabriolet, reasonable economy and looks. I do miss the space and flexibility of a five door car.

Dream Car: Car of my dreams - Aston Martin DB9 - just because!!! 



Name: Sean

Age: 47

Job Title: Fleet Coordinator

First Car: 1975 Ford Granada Mark 1, Good points it was BIG so you could pile in half dozen mates, bad points it had the acceleration of a sloth and turned like an oil tanker      

Current Car: Ssangyong Tivoli, Good points for the price you pay you get a lot of extras, bad points is that the auto is slow to change gears, so if you put your foot down it screams 

Dream Car: Ferrari 250 GTO, it looks great 



Name: Leanne

Age: 51

Job Title: Customer Services Manager

First Car: Ford Escort Mk2, bad points colour scuddy dark green, very basic model.  Good points - it got me mobile and gave me freedom as a teenager, didn’t cost much to run.

Current Car: Mini John Cooper Works Roadster Convertible - love it as its sporty, very quick and easy to drive. Bad points - costly to run, easily identifiable (everyone knows where you are) very low on the ground - oooh my knees lol !!!

Dream Car: Probably a Porsche Boxster or maybe a Range Rover Sport in bright orange!



Name: Ana

Age: 35

Job Title: Assistant Accountant

First Car: Peugeot 205, no good points that I could find and to light if you drive at a higher speed.

Current Car: Honda CR-V, spacious, good boot size, economical and tax is only £30 per year due to be a 1.6. So far I haven't found any bad points actually.

Dream Car: Bugatti Veyron, just because I like fast cars and its lines are beautiful.



Name: Mark

Age: 42

Job Title: Rental Services Director

First Car: Mini Metro - GOOD - it was a present for my 21st, had 4 wheels all pointing in the same direction - BAD - it had 100k on the clock when I got it and lasted 12 months!

Current Car: Mitsubishi PHEV - GOOD - great spec, low P11d and drives very well. BAD - if not plugging in much, MPG isn't the best!

Dream Car: Aston Martin DBS - the best James Bond car ever, but I'd have the Carbon Edition in Dark Grey. If it's good enough for 007....



Name: Zoe

Age: 28

Job Title: Senior Digital Marketing Administrator

First Car: Silver Kia Picanto called Pip. Loved him, small but had a lot of poke. 

Current Car: Scuba blue Audi A1 called Scooby. Highly recommend. Handsome and fun.

Dream Car: Aston Martin Vanquish... love at first sight in Casino Royale, nothing to do with Daniel Craig in the driver’s seat...



So there we are; a few favourites and some good memories. If there is anything above that influences your taste buds please enquire and we will be sure to quote you the best car leasing price we can find.

posted by: Zoe O'Donnell 12 January 2017