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Driving Pet Peeves

This morning driving to work a car pulled out right in front of me when there was nobody behind me, forcing me to slam on my breaks as they slowly accelerated away. To make it worse they then turned off on the next road. Why they did this I do not know, but I was really peeved off so it made me wonder what other peoples driving pet peeves are.

After asking everyone in the office here are their top responses.

Indicators or the lack of them

The top pet peeve whilst on the road is people that do not indicate. You are driving along at a speed of over 40mph then a car in front suddenly pushes on the brakes because they want to make a turn, giving you no warning at all because they didn’t bother indicating. There are also the people who go around a roundabout and don’t indicate so you the driver have no idea if it is safe for you to pull out or not. There are also the people who do indicate but only a few milliseconds before the turn, please give us some more warning!

Middle lane drivers or slow drivers

Joint place for second is people who sit in the middle lane on a motorway when the left hand lane is empty, do I even need to go into more detail on how annoying that is! And people who drive too slow, cruising at 55mph in a 70mph speed zone. These types of drivers can often be seen whizzing through towns or villages but when they get out onto the open road they suddenly decide they should slow down.


There is nothing worse and there is no need to do it, tailgating just makes the front driver nervous so they become distracted or angry making them want to tap on their brakes to force the tailgater to spin out of control. There is no reason to tailgate, none at all. You won’t get to your destination any quicker by riding someone’s bumper.

Not saying thank you

It is your right of way but someone has pulled so far out into the road you are forced to stop to let them go, then they don’t even have the decency to say thank you. Can you get anymore rude? Or when someone has been waiting to pull out and you are kind enough to let them go through and they just drive away without even a nod or flash making you regret letting them go.

People using phones or smoking whilst driving

Both of these are now illegal, there is a zero tolerance for mobile device usage whilst on the road and there is no smoking allowed with children under the age of 18 in the vehicle. However if you are sitting at a junction and watch the passersby you will see at least one of these types of people and it is so infuriating...



posted by: Abigail Lavallin 25 October 2016