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Olympic Games for Car Manufacturers

With the Olympics starting last week in Brazil it only seemed right to have a car Olympics of our own. The competition was to see who produced the most vehicles in 2015.

Gold goes to China

There is no surprise that China is the winner here, producing 12 million more vehicles than second place. In 2015 there was a total of 90,780,000, with China producing over a quarter at 24.5 million.

China has been leading the way since over taking the United States back in 2008, it now produces so many that it exceeds the total produced in Europe or the USA and Japan combined. Despite this remarkably high number, a large majority of the manufactured vehicles are not exported; in 2011 only 814,300 were exported. This is due to the high demand in its own country.



Coming in for the silver medal is the United States of America producing just over 12 million vehicles.



The bronze medal goes to Japan with a little over 9.2 million vehicles manufactured in 2015.

Despite coming in 4th for total manufactured cars in 2015, Germany is the highest exporter in the world with 22.7% of all exported cars coming from Germany with a net worth of US$152.7 billion.




All of these statistics came from Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles (OICA).


posted by: Abigail Lavallin 08 August 2016