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The new BMW 4 Series

If you are looking for a coupe then you are looking for two things, the way it looks and the way it drives, and some of the best coupes you can find are BMW models. The new BMW 4 Series being one of them.

BMW created the 4 Series which is essentially a 3 Series but the beautiful upgrade hits the bullseye when it comes to looks. Powerful aesthetics and sporting dynamism characterise the new BMW 4 Series Coupe. The roof is the only body piece of the 3 Series that the 4 Series contains, the rest is brand new styling with the narrow angled grill made to make the car look more sporty with the elegant lights giving it a tranquil yet modern appearance.

Despite all the sporty body parts the BMW 4 series is actually very practical. If you wave your foot under the bumper then the boot will automatically open up, this is very useful when you are carrying bags and both hands are full. The innovative Air Breathers not only set an exciting design accent but also improve aerodynamics and efficiency.

Lower, longer and wider than its predecessors, the 4 puts a more aggressively elegant spin on the classic BMW design.



Driving the BMW 4 Series on straight flat roads is similar to driving a 3 Series, where it differs is when taking corners. A unique driving sensation is provided due to the low centre of gravity, being 10 inches lower than the 3 Series and a near 50:50 weight distribution that gives the driver a smoother ride. Turn on the Sports Plus and the car changes quite dramatically becoming sharper and more agile. Any keen drivers will find this car very rewarding to take out for a spin.

The 4 Series comes with numerous options, with the new Sport, Modern and Luxury models together with the SE and M Sport there is definitely a wide variety to choose from when personalising the car. The standard kits have also been significantly improved with the Xenon headlights; Dakota leather upholstery, Front seat heating, Servotronic and front and rear Park Distance Control. Another highlight is the unique new Adaptive LED headlights which features LED indicators, front fog lights and tilt/swivel functionality.



The BMW 4 Series provides high end quality and sophisticated style that BMW is renowned for making this car a major contender in the coupe class. If you have more change in your pockets you may want to consider the Mercedes-Benz E-class coupe.


posted by: Abigail Lavallin 04 August 2016