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We Are Expanding!

New Essex Office

You may have noticed some BIG changes over the last few months! Not only have we got a bigger, better, brand new website but we have opened a brand new branch in Essex. Our head office still resides in St.Neots, Cambridgeshire, but we now have a partner office in Essex in which our very own Gary Hodder is heading up as Sales Director.

So far expansion is going well and both offices are currently recruiting additional Sales Executives to aid with our growing customer base. We currently have a maturing number of nine employees covering both offices who are happy to take your call on any leasing requirement you may have. If you want to contact either the Cambridgeshire or Essex office you can do so by phoning our local numbers:

Cambridgeshire: 01480 223067

Essex: 0203 507 1813

Generic: 0345 643 5687

The whole idea behind our new Essex office is to attract new customers from the surrounding areas of Essex & London. We are a nationwide company and are used to dealing with customers from right across the UK, however it is good to engage local business and get support from neighbouring clientèle.

Gary is currently working hard to ensure his new office is a success and we all give him our fullest support and congratulations!



Another exciting event has been the ability to introduce BestVanFinder! Similar to BestCarFinder, BestVanFinder allows you to search for any make or model to satisfy your commercial requirements.

You can search BestVanFinder by following the ‘Need A Van’ link on this website or by going straight to www.bestvanfinder.co.uk. Our sales team are happy to offer quotes on either cars or vans from both offices. We have commercial vehicle experts on hand to part some van knowledge as well as provide some great offers by searching the market for you.

Remember, if you know of anyone that is looking to lease a car or a van, we are happy to help and even grant a referral fee for recommending us.


New Website



As mentioned above, you are currently browsing a whole new website. You can see that it is much better looking than the last one! The idea behind creating a fresh website for you was to make the leasing journey an easy, more enjoyable one. This website enables you to search more freely whilst still making sure to show our best offers.

It is very important to remember that if you can’t find a certain vehicle or the prices appear to be out of your budget than to phone us or go to ‘Make An Enquiry.’ We search for the best offer on the leasing market and can do so on any make or model, so please get in contact.




posted by: Zoe 15 April 2016