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Audi RS3 2017

The new Audi RS3 Sportback is everything we ever wanted and more.

The RS3 Saloon revealed at September’s Paris Motor Show showed Audi’s facelift to its RS range and recently revealed the new RS3 Sportback.

The RS3 Sportback has more torque and power than its ancestors with slight tweaks to its saloon body creating a slick stylish appearance.

Take a peak under the hood and you will see a modified 2.5-litre turbocharged five-cylinder engine forcing out 480Nm of torque whilst producing 395bhp. Compared to its predecessor, that is 33bhp extra despite the engine weighing 26kg less.  The extra power places the Audi RS3 ahead of its rival the Mercedes-AMG A 45, outgunning it by 19bhp.

The 0-62mph isn’t the quickest, at 4.1 seconds. But with a top speed of 155mph and a limiters threshold of 174mph who can complain. The car is also relatively economic with Audi claiming it can run at 34mpg with exhaust emissions rated at 189g/km CO2.

Compared to the standard A3 hatchback, the RS3 is boast a 20mm wider track at the front axle and site 25mm lower. 19-inch alloy wheels and strong brake discs add a feel of control and driving ease to the car.

A black robotic honeycomb grille gives of an aggressive look but the streamline body turns it into a thing of modern style and beauty. The two large oval exhausts coming out of the bumper give it a sporty behind so every angle gives you a different feel to the car.

The designers left nothing out on the interior either with black nappa leather and a leather steering wheel as standard. It really is a car of beauty.

Ordering of the RS3 Sportage opens in April 2017 with the first deliveries arriving in August. If you wish to view the Sportage a viewing will be taking place at the Geneva Motor Show next month.


posted by: Abigail Lavallin 09 February 2017