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7 of the Most Amazing Record-Breaking Cars

Since the world's first 'modern' car was created in 1886, we haven't stopped pushing the limits of motoring and inventing better and faster car models. These 7 cars have made their way into the record books for multiple reasons, and each is pretty impressive in its own way. 1. Oldest Functioning Car The oldest functioning car is La Marquise, a steam-powered, four-wheeled, four-seater veh....

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Behind The Wheel: World’s Driving Laws Infographic

Considering the UK is one of the safest places to drive, it's surprising that our acceptable level of blood alcohol content (BAC) is one of the highest in the world. Have you ever considered the driving laws other countries enforce upon their drivers? ....

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Why Leasing a Car is the Better Option

There are many personal and practical reasons that leasing a car can be a better option than buying one. For starters, cheap car leasing can create a monthly payment that is much more affordable than purchasing a vehicle because you are basically 'renting' the car. This means that you will not have to pay the entire depreciation cost of the vehicle as you would if you were to purchas....

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Vauxhall Corsa Leasing

One of the most anticipated car releases in 2014 was the Vauxhall Corsa. This vehicle has been completely revised from the previous D model and the design is quite stunning to look at. It is available in both 3 and 5 door hatchback options as well as manual, automatic, or semi-automatic transmissions. Also, this vehicle has a high safety rating and is excellent for those who are look....

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New Vehicle Launches for 2015

For those who are looking for a new lease vehicle in 2015, this year is bound to be exciting. There are many different vehicles that are currently listed to be released this year. Below is more information about the cars you will be able to lease for the 2015 year. Audi For those looking for an Audi lease, the Audi A3 is scheduled to be released in 2015. It offers a stylish and p....

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BMWs Latest Launch

One of the most significant changes in the new BMW 7 series release is the major facelift that it has received. It has received quite an overhaul in the looks department and will definitely be a vehicle that those interested in a BMW business lease deal will consider heavily. This is a luxury option for those who are fans of BMW leases and is the largest option available. It comes wi....

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The Most Sought After BMW Car Models

BMW a very well-known and sought after car brand in many countries, but what are the most sought after models that the brand manufactures? This blog will look at the 3 series, the 5 series, X5 and X6. It will also include the advancements that we can expect from BMW in the future. Firstly, looking at the 3 series, there are currently three main models within this category. These inc....

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More on Leasing Range Rover

Range Rover is a well-known luxury SUV brand which is a part of the Land Rover Empire. The brand includes 3 main models currently on the market: the Evoque, the Sport, and Range Rover. In this blog I will focus on the Evoque and the Sport. I will also mention how you can access Land Rover Leasing through BestCarFinders leasing plans. The Range Rover Evoque is the smallest of the Ran....

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Honda Releases in 2014

2014 was a busy one for the Honda family, they had many changes and new releases that took place throughout the year. For those looking for Honda lease deals, the changes to the 2014 models were exciting and major for the car industry. Below you will find more information about the impressive improvements that Honda made to their line-up of vehicles during 2014. Accord With the A....

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The Difference in a Reliable Leasing Company

For businesses, there is great value in the act of leasing a company vehicle rather than purchasing one. For example, businesses will be able to budget and plan based on costs that are fixed every month rather than needing to worry that variable issues will appear. Leasing is also a great option for those who are concerned about the condition of the investment that they have purchase....

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