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Car Maintenance Tips for New (and Old) Drivers

Without proper care and maintenance, your car can end up costing you a lot if something goes wrong. Learn how to care for your car properly to help reduce the risk of breakdowns and problems (and to save you money in the long run). ....

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Top Gear Power Laps: Interactive Chart Lists Them All

In 22 series, The Stig drove a total of 225 ‘Power Lap’ cars, clocking up over 5 hours of track time. Find out The Stig’s fastest (and slowest) Power Lap times from all 22 series of Top Gear in this interactive chart, as well as interesting facts about each car ....

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A New Mercedes and A Football Shirt Makes For a Happy Customer

We know cars, and we know how to make our customers happy. You're welcome Russell! ....

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Confusing Car Finance Jargon (Explained)

Here at BestCarFinder, we want to make the car leasing process as simple as possible. So when the top 5 confusing motor finance terms were revealed, we decided we'd write an article with the specific aim to explain these terms. ....

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Just How Safe Are UK Drivers? (Infographic)

With it reported that at the end of December 2014 there were 35.6 million licensed vehicles on the roads of Great Britain (more than any other time), I think it's a fair assumption that our roads are busier than ever. The 1.7% increase on Q4 of 2013 was the biggest increase since Q4 of 2007. This significant increase equated to 598,000 more vehicles licensed for use. With all th....

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Congratulations Gary!

Congratulations to our very own Sales Manager Mr Gary Hodder on your engagement. Enjoy your champagne from our lovely directors! Best wishes from everyone at  Alliance Asset Management & BestCarFinder. Gary has been BestCarFinder's Sales Manager for over six years now, he has seen the company grow and played leader to its ever expanding team. We wish him as mu....

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Buckle Up! 8 of the World's Most Dangerous Roads

Here in the UK, we take for granted just how safe our roads are. For the vast majority, we can travel on our roads safe in the knowledge that we will not encounter anything out of the ordinary. That's not to say we can drive without any due care or attention. But we should find ourselves lucky that we do not have to contend with roads like the ones listed below. The ro....

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Prices At The Pump (Infographic)

Over the years we've seen the prices of petrol fluctuate quite dramatically. For the most part, the general public feel we're getting hard done by and that prices should be cheaper. When looking at worldwide statistics for the price of petrol, it's hard not to agree that prices could be cheaper here in the UK. The UK currently sits joint 7th as the most expensive place to buy petrol....

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7 of the Most Amazing Record-Breaking Cars

Since the world's first 'modern' car was created in 1886, we haven't stopped pushing the limits of motoring and inventing better and faster car models. These 7 cars have made their way into the record books for multiple reasons, and each is pretty impressive in its own way. 1. Oldest Functioning Car The oldest functioning car is La Marquise, a steam-powered, four-wheeled, fo....

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Behind The Wheel: World’s Driving Laws Infographic

Considering the UK is one of the safest places to drive, it's surprising that our acceptable level of blood alcohol content (BAC) is one of the highest in the world. Have you ever considered the driving laws other countries enforce upon their drivers? ....

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