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Why waste valuable time searching the internet or phoning around for cheap car leasing deals? Let BestCarFinder do the hard work for you. BestCarFinder is one of the UK’s leading contract hire companies providing its customers with highly competitive offers. As a long-established company, our Customers have peace of mind that their vehicle will be supplied from a company that prides itself on quality. We search the UK market to find the very best cheap car leasing deals to suit your needs. All you have to do is choose your budget and order your new vehicle TODAY! - Read More

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-benz e class e200 amg line 2dr 7g-tronic

mercedes-benz e class e200 amg line 2dr 7g-tronic


4 series 420d m sport 2dr auto [professional media]

bmw 4 series 420d m sport 2dr auto [professional media]


tiguan 2.0 tdi bluemotion tech match 150 5dr [2wd]

volkswagen tiguan 2.0 tdi bluemotion tech match 150 5dr [2wd] Leasing

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Cheap Car Leasing Deals

BestCarFinder have become renowned for offering fantastic cheap car leasing and van leasing offers all over the UK - some of our business lease car deals such as Audi Leasing & Mercedes Leasing deals have really proven that Best Car Finder is a cut above all the other leasing companies. We use a very simple business model with our leasing deals - Good Vehicles, Sensible Deposits, Low Admin Fees & No Hidden Costs.

We sometimes find that a few people are wary of car leasing deals, especially in the UK. But once they actually sit down and do the maths they realise that, after depreciation, leasing is in fact (most of the time) considerably cheaper than buying a new vehicle. Notwithstanding the inevitable headaches when your car or van gets older and you have to deal with mechanical problems, car leasing (and van leasing) can take that headache away with a brand-new vehicle being delivered at the end of your lease contract before the need to spend out!

If you are toying with the idea of business car leasing or personal car leasing - give one of our contact hire / leasing specialists a call on 01480 223 067

Should I Lease My Car? Isn't It Cheaper To Buy?

Contract Hire / Car Leasing allows you to manage the value of your vehicle to a pre-determined residual value two to four years down the line. Your set monthly payment includes road tax and you may even add a maintenance package to cover the costs of all routine servicing.

If you contract hire you can access volume buyers discounts and remove anywhere from 10 to 30% of depreciation on day one, reducing the overall cost of the vehicle for the duration of the contract and this leads to a lower monthly cost to you.

For example:- Buy a Brand New Ford Mondeo outright at £20000. You will run this car for 3 years until you go to sell it for £5000 later on. This effectively costs you £416 per month in depreciation alone, add to that £18.75 per month in road tax and eventually an MOT (and you also run the risk of only managing to sell it for £4000).

With leasing you have none of this risk and the behind the scenes discounts and finance mean you could have this car for as little as £265 per month inc VAT and road tax. You only need to fuel, insure and maintain it.

Car leasing is a constructive way to manage the inevitable losses that owning a car brings with no risk to you at all - So if you are toying with the idea of cheap car leasing - give one of our contact hire & leasing specialists a call on 01480 223 067